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European Policy Studies

I. Bulgarian National Chapter of the Centre for European

Policy Studies

The Center for the Study of Democracy was invited to become the Bulgarian partner of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels in order to establish a Bulgarian National Chapter. The first meeting of the Bulgarian National Chapter took place on June 23, 1994, and was hosted by Ambassador Thomas O'Sullivan, Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities to Bulgaria. Guest speakers were Mr. Peter Ludlow, Director of CEPS, and Dr. Jorgen Mortensen, Senior Research Fellow at CEPS. About thirty public figures participated, including Mr. Filip Dimitrov, leader of the Union of Democratic Forces, and former Prime Minister, Mr. Kiril Velev, Minister of Trade, Mr. Todor Tchourov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Georgi Pirinski and Mr. Atanas Paparizov, both Members of Parliament. The meeting of the National Chapter was followed by a seminar on the same topic.

The Second meeting of the Bulgarian National Chapter was held on October 27, 1994 and was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This meeting focused on "The European Union Policies Towards the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Preparation for the Essen Summit". Guest speakers from CEPS were Mr. Peter Ludlow, Director, and Prof. Jacques Pelkmans, Senior Research Fellow. Mr. Todor Tchourov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented the position of the Bulgarian government. The discussion continued over dinner given by Mr. Ivan Stancioff, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The meeting was attended by over thirty distinguished personalities, including Ambassador Thomas O'Sullivan, Ms. Anastasia Moser, President of the Agrarian Party, Mr. Lyubomir Filipov, Deputy Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, Mr. Filip Bokov and Mr. Georgi Pirinski, both Members of Parliament from the Socialist Party, and Mr. Kamen Velichkov, Foreign Affairs Advisor to the President.

The National Chapter meeting was followed by a seminar on the subject of "Institutional Reform and Bulgarian-EU Relations Before the Essen Summit," on October 28, 1994 held at CSD.

II. Europe 2000: Bulgaria and the European Union

1994 also included preparatory work for CSD's project Europe 2000: Bulgaria and the European Union. The purpose of the project is to prepare a White Paper on Bulgaria's accession strategy to the European Union. The launching of the project was set for early 1995. The project is coordinated by Mr. Stanislav Daskalov, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Leading experts in the various fields covered by the Europe Agreement will prepare reports outlining the present state of affairs and the necessary measures for the implementation of the Agreement. Major financial support for the project is provided by the PHARE program of the European Union.

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