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International Advisory Board

Arie M. Oostlander, Member of the European Parliament

Elias Dias, Professor, Department of Philosophy of Law at the Autonomous University and Director of Sistema journal, Madrid

Franz-Lothar Altman, Deputy Director, Suedost-Institut, Munich

Giovanni Sartori, The Albert Schweizer Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University, New York

James Fishkin, Professor, Darrel K. Royal Regents Chair in Government, Law and Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

John Roper, Fellow, Royal Institute for International Affairs, London

Juan Linz, Professor, Department of Political Studies, Yale University

Margot Light, Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Michael Branch, Director, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London

Michael Katz, Director, Center for Post-Soviet and East European Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Pasquale Ferraro, Deputy Director, International Development Law Institute, Rome

Walter Raymond, Jr., Program Director, US Association of Former Members of Congress

William Meyer, Esq., Central and East European Law Initiative, American Bar Association

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