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Part Two - Administration and Management

In 1997, CSD employed 52 staff members of which 35 were professionals, including part-time consultants, and 17 were support personnel. The high quality and dedication of all its staff certainly made possible the good results achieved. Proper financial management and accurate record keeping contributed to the Center's overall efficiency and control. The automation of the Financial Department was completed in 1997 which is perceived as an instrument to improve the Center's administrative and management functions. A local area network now links accounting payroll and personnel procedures.

Other improvements included the implementation of a new management reporting system which provided financial information to senior managers on a monthly basis and the implementation of a project designed to upgrade CSD's Administrative and Financial regulations. Special attention was devoted to streamlining CSD's organizational structure and internal communication. Senior staff members and project coordinators continued to meet on a weekly basis. Weekly meetings of administrative and financial staff were also initiated to assist senior management.

The external audit for 1997 was performed by Price Waterhouse. CSD's financial statements and accompanying audit report follow this management summary.

In 1997 CSD continued its series of training and education activities on financial management of NGOs. By sharing its own experience and knowledge in the field of internal management and external control, CSD hopes to enhance the competence and professionalism of the NGO community in the country and the public standing of these organizations as agents of democratic change in Bulgarian society.

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