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List Staff

Governing Board

Ognian Shentov, PhD, PresidentVladimir

Yordanov, Executive Director

Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Research

Senior Staff

Lidia Mileva, Financial Manager

Nickolay Badinski, Technical Director

Maria Prohaska, PhD, Senior Programe Coordinator

Economic Program

Mariana Todorova, PhD, Senior Fellow

Daniela Bobeva, PhD, Senior Fellow

Yordan Markov, Research Fellow

Sophia Kassidova, MA, Research Fellow

Law Reform and Comparative Law Program

Stephan Kyutchukov, Coordinator

Marussia Russeva, Secretary

Jerri Stewart, ABA/CEELI Liaison

Sandra Mitchell, ABA/CEELI Liaison

Mark K Beesley, Country Director, IRIS

Milena Rizova, Research Fellow

Vitosha Research / Sociological Program

Andrei Nonchev, Coordinator

Blagovest Georgiev, PhD, Senior Fellow

Margarita Pavlikianova, Research Associate

Delyana Koleva, Research Associate

Zhivka Damianova, PhD, Secretary

Europe 2000 Project

Stanislav Daskalov, Director

Boyko Todorov, MA, Secretary

International Business Club

Zhivka Damianova, PhD, Secretary

Information Resources Program

Emil E. Georgiev, Coordinator

Tihomir Bezlov, Research Fellow

Boyan Gjuzelev, Research Fellow

Maria Donkova, Librarian

Janeta Shinkova, Assistant

External Relations

Dinka Dinkova, Coordinator

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