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Administration and Management

In 1994, CSD employed about 37 staff of which 20 professional and 17 support. The high quality and dedication of all its staff certainly made possible the results achieved. Proper financial management and accurate recordkeeping contributed to the Center's overall efficiency and control. In its effort towards good governance and transparency, the Center underwent its first external audit related to 1992 and 1993. This audit was sponsored and commissioned by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and carried out by Coopers & Lybrand. Again with CIPE's sponsorship, the external audit for 1994 has been assigned to Price Waterhouse; their independent opinion and CSD's financial statements for the year follow.

The Center is placing a particular emphasis on its organizational structure and internal communications. Because of its diverse activities and areas of research, CSD believes that streamlined administrative and management procedures are an important prerequisite for the efficient implementation of its projects.

Senior staff and project coordinators met on a regular basis and monthly lists of regular and special activities and highlights were prepared and distributed.

Financial and administrative regulations were drafted to assist management and staff in their daily operational tasks. Among other, guidelines and rules concerning procurement of goods and services, staff qualification and remuneration and official travel, were involved.

Some improvements to the premises that host the Center were made during 1994 such as the acquisition of new furniture and shelving for the library.

Management consultancy for capacity building, sponsored by a USAID project grant, was carried out by Mr Pasquale Ferraro, Deputy Director and Head of Administration and Finance of the International Development Law Institute (IDLI), Rome. Mr Ferraro, an expert on management of non-profit organizations implemented his consultancy during a series of three visits to the Center to advise on structure and governance, financial planning and accounting, control and audit procedures and fundraising strategy. Particular attention was devoted to methodologies concerning internal communications in order to enhance information sharing and staff motivation. A calendar of possible management and staff meetings was suggested. In light of the positive results achieved, a fourth visit is planned for early 1995.

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