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Bulgarian-American Economic Cooperation Forum: Expanding Investment and Trade - How Can Institutions Help?, (collection of papers)

Christina Vutcheva, Bad Credits: Financial and Institutional Aspects

D. Bobeva, D. Batchvarov, B. Manahilov, and T. Dimitrov, The Mutual Fund and Its Role in Privatization

D. Bobeva, D. Batchvarov, L. Petrova, and V. Todorova, The Fund for Assistance and Development of Agriculture

D. Bobeva and D. Batchvarov, Bansko Municipal Privatization Investment Fund: Rules for Organization and Activities

D. Bobeva, Foreign Investment Success Stories: The Establishment of Tzaramil Enterprises in Bulgaria by Amylum Group

D. Bobeva, Foreign Investment Success Stories: The Establishment of Vidima Ideal Joint Venture by American Standard Inc.

D. Bobeva, Y. Markov, S. Stefanov,

S. Dilova, and J. Dobreva (ed.), Public Attitudes Towards Privatization and the Establishment of an Investment Fund in the Bansko Municipality: an Overview

Daniela Bobeva, Sonya Dilova, and Stoyan Stefanov, Post-privatization Behavior of Enterprises: a Collection of Case Studies

D. Bobeva, Y. Markov, S. Dilova, and

J. Dobreva, Survey of the Efficiency of Foreign Consultant Firms

Emil Goranov, Technical and Financial Assistance to the Reform in Bulgaria

Ivan Angelov and Boyan Gjuzelev, Mass Privatization in Transitional Economies

Ivan Tabakov, The Reform in the Bulgarian Banking System

Ivo Kovachev, Privatization in Bulgaria: a Revolution that Never Happened, an Evolution that is Sweeping Everything Around

Ivan Angelov, Nature and Main Trends in the Development of New Agricultural Cooperatives in Bulgaria

Mark Beesley and Stephan Kyutchukov, Improving the Legal Framework for Expanded Bulgarian-US Economic Relations

Stoyan Stefanov, Public Attitudes Towards Mass Privatization

Stanimir Barzashki, Analysis of the Post-privatization Behavior of Enterprises

Stefan Ivanov, Financing Private Enterprises in Bulgaria

Stephan Kyutchukov, Basic Information on Local Governments in Bulgaria. In: "Local Governments in the CEE and CIS, 1994", pp. 37-53, (Institute for Local Government and Public Service, Budapest)

Valentin Karabashev, Amendments to the Law on Transformation and Privatization of State and Municipally Owned Enterprises

Valentin Georgiev, Legal Framework of the Private Sector in Bulgaria

Vesselin Passev, Price Reform and Pricing Policy in the Transition to Market Economy

Yordan Hristoskov, Unemployment and Labor Market in Bulgaria

Survey Data Collections

National Electronic Media Audience Survey (January 1994)

Sofia Electronic Media Audience Survey (January 1994)

Plovdiv Electronic Media Audience Survey (January 1994)

Varna Electronic Media Audience Survey (January 1994)

National Electronic Media Audience Survey (April 1994)

Sofia Electronic Media Audience Survey (April 1994)

Government and Broadcasting (March 1994)

National Security and Democracy in the New Europe (July 1994)

Electronic Media in Democratizing Societies (September 1994)

Elite and the Changes in Bulgaria

(December 1994)

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