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International Business Club (IBC)

BC is a joint initiative of CSD and the Ministry of Trade. It was formally inaugurated on June 17, 1993 by Mr. Valentin Karabashev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, in the presence of ambassadors, diplomats and trade envoys to Bulgaria, along with bankers, and managers of local and international companies. The principal objective of IBC is to encourage business contacts, popularize business opportunities in Bulgaria, and promote the development of trade and foreign investment. IBC organizes regular breakfast meetings to which it invites prominent figures from the government, financial institutions, and private businesses as guest speakers.

The guest speakers and topics of IBC meetings in 1994 were:

Mr. Belo Belov, General Manager of Chimimport PLC: "The Privatization of Chimimport";

Mr. Stanislav Daskalov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria: "Bulgaria's Integration in the International Economic Structures";

Dr. Krastyu Mirski, Vice Chairman of the Committee of Posts and Telecommunications (CPT), and Mr. Antoni Slavinski, Vice President of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC): "The Reform in Bulgarian Telecommunications";

H.E. Mr. Buheita Fujiwara, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Bulgaria: "Japan-Bulgaria Trade and Economic Relations";

Mr. Alexander Yordanov, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria: "Legislative Work of the National Assembly in the Economic Reform Field";

Mr. Kiril Tsotchev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade: "Bulgaria's Foreign Trade Policy";

Dr. Dimiter Loudjev, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense: "The Challenges of the Economic Reform in Bulgaria";

Mr. Ivan Stancioff, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria: "Foreign Policy and the Economic Development of Bulgaria".

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