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Practices in educating non-nationals about racism, xenophobia and related intolerance

Within the framework of the international initiative Preventing and Combatting Racism and Xenophobia through Social Orientation of Non-Nationals – RACCOMBAT, led by the Center for the Study of Democracy, the present collection gathers 15 promising practices from 12 EU Member States in the area of including fundamental rights knowledge and empowerment against racism, xenophobia and related intolerance into the overall integration process of non-nationals throughout the Union. Practices come from integration systems of very different level of development and are varied in their nature – from private company driven efforts to meet government requirements, concerning integration curricula, to citizen initiatives having found some form of institutionalisation. What unites them all is the concern of institutions, NGOs and individuals that migrants should be given more than basic education, jobs and healthcare – a true sense of citizenship and readiness to counter negative social phenomena, related to hatred.

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