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Organized Crime and the Fight against Crime in the Western Balkans

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The policy paper (ed. Forte, R., Sapucca, 2013) offers a description of the situation of organized crime in the Western Balkans in general and in individual countries - Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro - as well as a focus on the recent legislation on the recovery and management of criminal assets in Bulgaria, used as a term of confrontation with the consolidated approach applied in Italy to such issues. It offers as well a feasibility analysis on the extension of the model to the Western Balkans.

Author of the chapter on the management and disposal of confiscated criminal assets in Bulgaria is Atanas Rusev, Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy. It examines the Bulgarian Asset Recovery System and the problems with the management of the seized real estate property following court orders and with the sale of confiscated property. On this basis, recommendations are made to improve the safeguarding of confiscated estates, the sales procedures and the transferring of confiscated real estate property for social re-use.

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