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Mapping the risk of serious and organised crime infiltrating legitimate businesses

The economic and social harms from serious and organised crime (SOC) are multifaceted and wide-reaching, and span the individual, community and societal level. Appropriate targeting of resources to tackle SOC relies upon accurate information about the extent and nature of the phenomenon. However, the hidden nature of SOC means that measuring its size and scale is inherently challenging.

The study ‘Mapping the risk of serious and organised crime infiltrating legitimate businesses’ improves the evidence-base in relation to SOC in the EU and the research has been conducted by RAND Europe in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD), the Government Transparency Institute (GTI), Ernst & Young (EY) and Optimity Advisors.

CSD contribution to this groundbreaking report includes two chapters with a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the trafficking in human beings and organized property crimes, as well as a chapter with an assessment of the risks from exploitation of new payment methods by organized crime groups (NPMs).

Thе report is available on the Publications Office of the EU website here.

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