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Mapping reports on social orientation in twelve EU Member States

Experts from six EU Member States – Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Romania and Latvia – led by the Center for the Study of Democracy completed the mapping of the systems of social orientation for non-nationals in twelve EU Member States. The overviews concerned the legal framework under which social orientation is delivered, the course/module providers, the audience targeted by the social orientation efforts. Description is given of the courses’ most important parameters, such as length, format and language of delivery. The social orientation content is elaborated upon in detail, including the modules’ aims, themes covered, teaching methods and participation of the host society. The mapping covers both ‘typical’ social orientation courses and language tuition modules and will serve as basis for an in-depth analysis of fundamental rights components taught to non-nationals to steer them towards full fledged citizenship and empower them against racism and xenophobia.

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