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Judiciary and Corruption

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Judiciary and Corruption" titles the new edition of the Anti-Corruption Readers series. It is a joint publication of Coalition 2000 and the Association of Judges in Bulgaria (AJB) and is complied by Judge Ms. Kapka Kostova, AJB President and the Associate Prof. Mr. Lazar Gruev, Ph.D., Law Faculty of St. Kliment of Ochridski Sofia University.

The collection Judiciary and Corruption provides analytical comparative legal studies on the curbing of corruption issues in the judiciary and the norms of judicial ethics. It targets the legal community in this country, the university students of law and those interested in public administration, application of law and anti-corruption combat. A profound analyses over the existing access mechanisms to the magistrates' profession, the judiciary status and the guaranties for their independence and the methods for implementing their responsibilities are provided. Mr. Vladisslav Slavov, Chair of the Supreme Administrative Court and Chair of the Union of Jurists in Bulgaria is author of the Introduction, while the collected materials of basic-theoretical, analytic-applied and with applied type, are grouped in three major chapters:
- Judges - Powers and Responsibilities;
- Problems of Corruption: Curbing and Judicial Control;
- Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian Judges.

The first chapter contains a concise translation of a book by Mary L. Volcansek, Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis, and Jaqueline Lucienne Lafon titled Judicial Miscon-duct. A Cross-National Comparison. It analizes the judiciary's structure and its discretionary status within the powers' system in Europe and America in the context of anti-corruption combat.

The second chapter encloses papers submitted at the International seminar The Problem of the Corruption: Curbing and the Judicial Control as follows:
- "The Judiciary Role for Curbing and Control over the Corruption" by Mr. Ibrahim F. I. Shihata, Vice-President and the General Counsellor of the World Bank and Secretary General of International Centre for Interna-tional Disputes Resolution;
- "The Judiciary Role in Some Developing Countries for Curbing Corrup-tion and the Judicial Control" by Mr. Bola Adzhibola, Constitutional Court Judge in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- "The Italian Experience in Curbing Corruption" by Mr. Ignatio Francesco Camaraza, Attorney General Office - Rome, and
- "The Problem of the Ccorruption in the Judiciary: Context and Methods for Control" by Florentino P. Felisiano - World Trade Organisation Ap-pellate Body Member (Geneva), and former Philippine Supreme Court Member.

The third chapter contains the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian Judges, adopted by the AJB General Assembly on July 4, 1998 in Blagoevgrad.

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