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Integrated Directory on the CBRN Risk Spectrum

Each CBRN category i.e. chemical, biological, radiological/ nuclear could pose a risk for the EU in a different level based on multiple factors. It is necessary to keep in mind that terrorist acts using CBRN materials could be, as any other terrorist acts, difficult to predict, could use either new technologies or old technologies in a new way, and could be very creative as indicated in relevant EU policy and strategic documents.

The present report examines the types of CBRN risks and CBRN risk trajectories. The types of CBRN risks of relevance to the EU CBRN policy context are analysed in terms of perceptions, sources, and factors. CBRN risk trajectories are analysed in terms of the impact of CBRN-related scientific and technological advances, as well as the different stages of a CBRN deliberate incident from its inception to the conducting of an attack.

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