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Free Movement of European Citizens

Homophobia and unequal treatment of LGBTI people are still widespread in the European Union. Indicators of their level in individual Member States vary and the situation is seemingly better in some countries, but the data show that full equality for this group has not been achieved in any of them. Bulgaria is one of the countries where the situation is most unfavorable.

In order to shed light on one of the contributing factors, this analysis presents the results of a study on the application of the Free Movement Directive to LGBTI couples on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The analysis includes a review of the rights guaranteed to EU citizens and an analysis of the measures and deficiencies in the implementation of the Directive in Bulgaria, a review of administrative and judicial practice in the country and data from a national survey of same-sex couples with recognized status in other EU Member States who reside temporarily or live in Bulgaria.

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