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Financial Compensation Guide Cases concerning Women Victims of Crime

A significant percentage of all victims of crime are women. Violence against women is a widespread problem throughout the European Union and there is a need to do more in order to protect women, including better access to the criminal justice system. In practice there are still many challenges that women victims face when claiming compensation, such as: lack of comprehensive information on financial compensation, difficulties in receiving compensation from the offender, costly procedures, restrictive time limits, insufficient access to legal assistance.

This publication addresses judges and prosecutors involved in criminal cases, where financial compensation should be awarded to women victims of crime. It is also targeting lawyers that provide legal assistance to such victims. The publication addresses topics such as European and national legal framework concerning financial compensation, relevant indicators and evidence to assess  pecuniary and nonpecuniary damages suffered by women victims of crime. The publication was elaborated as part of the initiative JUSTICE FOR WOMEN – Towards a more effective rights protection and access to judicial procedures for victims of crimes.

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