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MllCT (ICT Enabled Public Services for Migration) was conceived with the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools that address the challenge of migrant integration. In service of this goal, the project undertakes to co-create improved ICT-enabled services with migrants, refugees, public sector services, NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organisations) and other interest groups. By involving end-users at the centre of our approach we address the need to improve and customise the interfaces used to access key public services so that they  better  address  the  requirements  of  migrants and refugees.


DEEPEN societal understanding of the factors that impact upon refugee and migrant populations' ability to access key public services

INTRODUCE a repeatable and proven open consolidated methodology for co-designing ICTs for public sector service transformation

CO-DESIGN ICTs to assist in the integration of refugee and migrant populations through the provision of access to key public services

DEVELOP an adaptive 'plug-and-play' integration framework for the incorporation of new ICTs into existing public services

SUPPORT migrant integration management by providing a job and skills matching decision support tool

INTEGRATE, demonstrate and rigorously test a number of co-designed ICTs that streamline access to public services and ease the integration of refugee communities


Miriana Ilcheva
Senior Analyst
Law Program
E-Mail: miriana.ilcheva(at)online(dot)bg  

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