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Corruption Assessment Report 2000

Corruption Assessment Report - 2000 is the second in a row, which attempts to outline the general framework and the specific dimensions of corrupt practices in Bulgaria introduced in their dynamics. As before, our evaluation criteria take into account reputable international analyses and domestic indexes about the spread and the frequency of different forms of corrupt behavior.

The analysis of the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 shows that, over the past year, the public in this country has still perceived corruption as an obstacle to Bulgaria's development that is especially difficult to overcome.

Respondents in various polls have indicated that unemployment, low incomes and poverty are the only factors ranking higher than corruption in terms of social significance.

Moreover, the problem of corruption has been given more weight in comparison with the previous year. The latter fact demonstrates that, in the opinion of the public, no sufficiently effective means exist yet to combat corrupt practices so as to suppress them to a tolerable level.



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