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Policy brief

Carbon Neutral Bulgaria 2050: A Cheat Sheet for Policy-Makers

Policy Brief No. 104

The Bulgarian government needs to deliver a true green transformation of the national economy in its pathway to carbon neutrality by 2050. This is an unprecedented challenge. The vast resources available through the EU’s funding instruments will not be enough without a strategic vision and leadership. This is more than an economic and environmental challenge. Energy security is also at stake, with the single greatest risk for Bulgaria coming from energy poverty. The policy brief outlines the key action vectors for Bulgarian policymakers, without which it would be impossible to develop a green recovery strategy that will reach the objectives of the European Green Deal, while also ensuring energy security. Carbon neutrality for Bulgaria by 2050 can be achieved and it means clean electrification, resilient and modern power grid, and a comprehensive strategy for tackling energy poverty and enabling vulnerable consumers to become active participants in the transition. Most of all, the transition requires more effective governance and rule of law regimes.

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