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Brain Drain from Central and Eastern Europe, April 1997

The project was carried out by research teams from the following transition countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. Initially, Albania was included in the project, but the project coordinator left Albania and the contract could not start. Many difficulties were encountered in carrying out an international cross-country analysis on migration issues.

Although the countries included had quite similar backgrounds during the socialist period, they are now different. Migration as a phenomenon has a different economic, historical, cultural and ethnic background in each of those countries. In addition, the researchers involved in the project had varying scientific backgrounds: sociologists, geographers, economists, etc. Therefore, a common research approach and methodology was quite difficult to achieve. The other difficulty of the project was due to the fact that some of the contractors were given different tasks according to their technical expertise. The difficulties were increased by the fact that, in some countries, more than one institute was involved in the project. Fortunately, all these complications were overcome, thanks to the efforts and good will of all participants.

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