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Media note

Anti-trafficking stakeholders and economic sectors networking, cooperation to combat human trafficking

The initiative Anti-trafficking stakeholders and economic sectors networking, cooperation to combat the business of human trafficking chain (NET-COMBAT-THB CHAIN) will be implemented starting September 2018 for a period of 20 months. The transnational project is coordinated by the Romanian organisation Association Pro Refugiu in partnership with the Center for the Study of Democracy Bulgaria, Centre for European Constitutional Law Greece, Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights, Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit e.V. Landesverein Württemberg Germany.

The project starts from the premise that human trafficking in business enterprises occurs in every region of the world and the complexity of today's trafficking chain can result in otherwise well-intentioned companies to unknowingly, unintentionally support and participate in fueling the demand and supply chains. The failure to detect and address human trafficking and rights abuses, can have significant negative consequences. The economic sectors can have an important role to play in combating human trafficking in partnership with other anti-trafficking stakeholders.

Five newsletters will be published in the framework of this initiative, presenting the development of activities and results in each of the five participant countries.

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