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ALICE: Adapting Learning in Inclusive Communities and Environment

There are quite a lot of studies, which show that having the chance to reveal your true self without the need to play a role is a determining factor in forming a sense of belonging to a community, empathy and mutual support. Fairly often cases of bullying, exclusion and discrimination tend to make kids’ life at school pretty difficult. The international initiative ALICE, which is being implemented in 5 countries across Europe (Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Greece), focuses on the need to create safe spaces, where each student will be able to freely express themselves and his/her needs.

ALICE aims to utilize educational and social pedagogical tools and practices related to the application of pro-social measures intended to involve local communities in promoting the development of tolerance skills and the acceptance of differences among the young people. In particular, the initiative seeks to improve pro-social behavior in school environments, especially in secondary schools.

Four newsletters will be published in the framework of this initiative, presenting the development of activities and results achieved at different project stages in each of the five participant countries.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union



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