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Sophia Page

International Studies (BA), University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Period of internship: Jun 01 - Aug 01, 2017

My internship for the Economic Program was a truly incredible experience that allowed me to learn about the most salient projects the department is working on, while giving me practical involvement and skills within a premier research setting. Among the daily tasks I would work on, I created the monthly newsletter that was distributed to partner organizations, I researched information on anti-corruption initiatives in the Western Balkans, and I expanded the Center’s contact network of relevant stakeholders that may be involved in CSD’s work.

During my time at CSD, I was able to meet and work closely with many motivated staff members who gave me the freedom to work independently, but always made themselves available to answer questions and to give me feedback on working assignments. CSD gave me the opportunity to meet many talented interns who come from various cultural and educational backgrounds, making it possible to learn together and exchange ideas and viewpoints on important topics in international relations. I recommend an internship at CSD for its inclusive and international office environment and for the research skills that one is able to obtain from the knowledge set of the Center and the tools it makes available to interns.

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