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Nadezhda Kazakova

Tufts University (Medford, MA)

Period of internship: Jun 20 - Aug 24, 2012

I did an internship at the Sociological Program whose research specialisation in migration, integration and children matched best my interests. My initial responsibilities included attending bi-weekly staff meetings and performing translations of presentations and policy briefs. As I expressed my desire for more challenging tasks, I was allowed to participate as an equal staff member in the brainstorming and planning sessions for upcoming grant applications. In the course of the summer, my assignments became more complex and required from me consistency, independent thinking and strong work ethics. I ended up spending a lot of time working on ARECHIVIC - a comprehensive project on the re-integration of trafficked children with partners from 5 European countries. This was probably my most rewarding experience at CSD and I still follow its progress. Due to the Sociological Program’s relatively small size, I had the chance to collaborate with all of its members on at least one project and hear their professional opinions on the think-tank sector.

All of my colleagues were very approachable, flexible and helpful whenever I needed clarifications. Overall, my internship at CSD proved to be useful for exploring interesting social issues on which I might focus in my next academic or professional endeavors. It also gave me the confidence to apply to similar institutions abroad. I’m currently volunteering at a human rights NGO in Madrid and look forward to beginning my full-time internship at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin in January 2013. I’m sure that the internship at CSD will help open even bigger doors for me in the future.

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