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Ivan Aymaliev

University College London, London, UK, MA Economics and Business Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, MA International Relations

Period of internship: Jul 20 - Aug 28, 2009

At the Center for the Study of Democracy, I worked in the fields of conventional and organized crime, anti-corruption, and technology transfer in Bulgaria under the supervision of the Director of the Economic Program Mr. Stefanov.

What is different about CSD is that it is an organization where interns do not have routine administrative responsibilities, but are required to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis at world-class standards and meet tight deadlines. Researchers at CSD also enabled me to work on my own research project and I received excellent supervision on it.

I believe that an internship at CSD is an intellectually rewarding experience, which equips interns with strong background in anti-corruption policies, and provides them with unmatched advantage to pursue a career in the field of business consulting or research. Currently, I am an Erasmus Mundus Scholar and research intern at Transparency International-R, where I investigate police corruption and public procurement in Russia and other transition countries.

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