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Filip Lyapov

BA in History from the American University in Bulgaria

MPhil in Modern British and European History from the University of Oxford

Period of internship: Jun 01 - Aug 31, 2011

A historian by education, I was interested in gaining valuable experience at some NGOs and institutions that promote democracy and deal with social problems on a local and regional level. During my 3-month tenure at the center I was assisting the sociological program team with their work on the ARECHIVIC and INTEGRACE projects. I was able to get acquainted with details on both projects, read strategy papers and additional information about them which gave me a very good understanding of project planning, management and execution. My immediate work was related to organizing and cataloging data, transcribing interviews, etc. The most important part for me was the knowledge about the projects which both deal with issues which are of specific interest to me - RASC integration, integrating children victims of trafficking and the good practices used in both cases. I am extremely satisfied that I was able to complete this internship and get to know and work with the people there.

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