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Pablo Minondo Canto

Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Management, University of the Basque Country

Period of internship: Jul 13 - Sep 04, 2020

Ideally, internships should provide exposure to real work scenarios whilst enhancing technical competences and fostering critical thinking. As an intern of CSD’s Economic program, I can happily say that not only did I feel immersed in a cohesive and highly talented group of professionals, but I also felt encouraged to polish my research skills and to give a personal added value to my work.

Democratization being my main research interest, I focused my internship on corruption and state capture related projects. Specifically, my supervisors engaged me in various tasks targeting Spain, but I also worked on Central Europe, Balkans and Latin America focused initiatives. One of the things I found to be of immense value was the challenging nature of the tasks. Methodologically, there can be different ways to produce a result and you must find the most adequate. This is not to say the supervisors weren’t collaborative. They were supportive and beyond, but an important attribute in the professional realm is being self-sufficient with the instructions provided, at least to a degree. My time with CSD helped me further develop that attribute.

If you are eager to acquire a skillset that will make you a better professional in the future, CSD provides both the toolkit and the atmosphere to help you do that.

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