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Jacub Stepaniuk

BA degree in Politics, Sociology and East European Studies, University College London (UCL)

Period of internship: Nov 04, 2020 - Mar 15, 2021

I am very grateful to CSD for providing internship opportunities despite the ongoing pandemic. I wanted to make the use of my remaining time resources and devote them for getting some new experiences while being at my final year of university, however, due to difficult circumstances it took me a lot of time till I managed to finally find the CSD’s offer. Although I have realised the internship programme remotely, I still could participate in the life of organisation and feel part of the team. Among many tasks the most interesting was researching of narratives in Polish and Czech media and evaluating their similarities and differences in relation to Russian Sputnik. I was very happy to make a step forward when it comes to my experiences as a researcher. During my previous internships, I was usually responsible for gathering information and passing it to my colleagues, this time however I had an opportunity to produce comparative analyses which definitely contributed to developing my researching skills. Discovering more about Bulgarian internal politics in the prism of upcoming parliamentary elections made me more curious about the socio-political context which will serve as additional perspective to my experiences with the countries of Western Balkans. I was also surprised by the extent of how much I can actually understand the Bulgarian language with my knowledge of Serbian and Russian which encouraged me to start learning Bulgarian as well. I hope once pandemic will be over I will have the chance to visit Sofia and meet my CSD colleagues in person.

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