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Hassan Javed

B.A. in Political Science, Columbia University, New York, USA

Period of internship: Jun 06 - Aug 17, 2022

This summer, I had an opportunity to complete a hybrid internship with the CSD Law Program where I wrote policy briefs as part of the PERCEPTIONS Project to the European Council and the governments of many member states on issues concerning migrant welfare. With my interest in multilateral diplomacy and refugee advocacy, I was able to explore the impacts of the EU-Turkey Statement on Syrian refugees and also discuss how the poor, unsafe realities of migrant housing in Europe challenge migrant perceptions of the continent as a beacon of safety, prosperity, and comfort.

Throughout my internship, Maria Stoyanova and Maria Yordanova offered me an unparalleled level of guidance and support, allowing me to further deepen my understanding of the struggles migrants face in their arrival and inclusion in Europe and better recognize the complex network of policies necessitating migrant advocacy. With their mentorship, interning with CSD allowed me to develop insights that not only complemented my personal interest in legal advocacy, but also had a pivotal impact on my consideration of a prospective career field. I am certain that the lessons I carry from this internship will be integral to my future academic and professional pursuits.

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