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Jędrzej Błaszczak

Master of Law, University of Silesia

Period of internship: Sep 01 - Dec 23, 2021

Thanks to CSD, I have already gained many skills, amazing learning opportunities, and a great deal of satisfaction during my four months of internship. The position has taught me a lot of extra knowledge which I couldn't learn at the university and it has kept me on my toes for several months straight. 

Every week the interns are invited to discussions with senior researchers, encouraged to pose questions on any topic of interest. I have found value in every meeting; cases range from training on analysis skills to issues regarding current political problems. 

I would like to thank the wonderful people at CSD for this opportunity, my dear colleagues for sharing this unforgettable experience, and I must encourage anyone interested in the art of analysis, energy transition, or Russian and Chinese influence on the area of Europe to apply for an internship at the Center.

They foster a welcoming and enthusiastic environment which has allowed me to recognize how working in a positive and nurturing environment can lead to opportunities and career development. In my opinion, CSD is committed to supporting attentive interns to reach their full potential.

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