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Jennifer Lily Green

MA (Dual Hons) Russian Studies and Politics with a distinction in spoken Russian, The University of Edinburgh

Period of internship: Oct 12, 2020 - Mar 01, 2021

I initially applied for the CSD’s internship programme under the economics department to develop my research skills on various topics in a region of great personal and academic interest for me. My academic background is in Russian language, politics, environmental attitudes and media narratives. I wanted to use this internship as an opportunity to explore South-Eastern European environmental policy and to expand my knowledge of the EU Green Deal and its intersects with my own research interests. I am confident that the programme facilitated the attainment of these goals, while simultaneously deepening my awareness of the logistical inner-workings of a think tank. 

I am very grateful for the tailoring of research tasks to my interests, as well as the flexibility to explore further interests that arose throughout the course of my internship. The department provided me with a rich combination of projects including the opportunity to work on some challenging but very rewarding tasks related to Horizon 2020 projects and the European Green Deal, among others. 

My work at CSD has left me with a rewarding and comprehensive understanding of the workings of (and debates within) European environmental public policy. It has provided me with a good body of knowledge on South-Eastern Europe and a pool of skills that I am sure will prove valuable for my future research and career.

One of my final tasks as an intern required me to reacquaint myself with my original set task to uncover best practices across the European National Recovery and Resilience Plans in accordance with emerging information. I have found this an incredibly beneficial and interesting exercise, allowing me to reflect on just how much I have developed as a researcher through the course of the programme. 

I am immensely thankful to the staff who have successfully created a very welcoming atmosphere despite the current COVID-19 crisis. The weekly staff meetings and regular contact with various members of the economics team made me feel fully included and valued even while working remotely. Furthermore, the support and excellence of the staff allowed me to benefit daily from their expertise. I hope to continue a relationship of knowledge-sharing and collaboration with team members beyond my internship as I continue in this field of research.

My internship with the economics department at the Center for the Study of Democracy proved to be a dynamic, engaging and invaluable experience for the development of both my personal interests and career trajectory. I am ending my internship as a more knowledgeable, well-rounded researcher and I would recommend the programme to anyone with an interest in the region, its economics, politics and public policy.

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