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Payman Shamsian

Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering , Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Master of Arts in Global Studies, University of Freiburg, Germany

Period of internship: Aug 05 - Nov 08, 2013

I worked as an intern in CSD from August 2013 to November in the same year. During my internship in CSD I had the opportunity to be part of the economic program and work on anti-corruption policies in Balkan area. I had to provide a weekly newsletter about corruption in this region. In addition, I was involved in security program and carried out some literature reviews for their project about financing sources of organized crime.

The good thing about CSD which makes it to stand-out among other NGOs is that as an intern I had enough freedom to implement my ideas in the projects. The whole job atmosphere is great and friendly. The hierarchy system in the organization is not so strict and rigid which helps a lot to enjoy the work in a working place.


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