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Viktor Tomov

Bachelor of International Public Management, The Hague University of Applied Science, Netherlands

Period of internship: Sep 20, 2012 - Jan 17, 2013

During my internship at CSD I had the opportunity to be a part of the Security Program. As an intern I was involved in the preparation of various projects, drafting of articles and carrying out statistical calculations. Most of my responsibilities fell within the field of crime, and more specifically corruption and anti-corruption practices.

In addition to my daily tasks I studied and read about various challenges faced by Bulgaria’s democratic development. I also assisted to create a methodological tool for assessing and comparing organized crime groupings. The product was meant to help the work of the Department for Combating Organized Crime.

Another project that I was part of was aimed to develop a new methodology for assessing and combating corruption in Bulgaria. My task was to review a number of academic articles, reports and studies on different anti-corruption methods and measures, as well as to identify available tools for assessing their efficiency. I got familiar with the corruption tendencies in different state governance sectors and analyzed a variety of anti-corruption measures.

Throughout my internship I got engaged in a number of projects, which allowed me to see how dynamic and diverse the work at the CSD is. The people I worked with over these five months were very helpful and amenable. In the first days of my internship I received well-explained objectives, which were expected from me. In case I had some difficulties with performing my tasks, I was able to easily contact any of my supervisors. Furthermore, the colleagues I had the chance to work with proved to be very bright and sociable, which made my internship even more pleasant besides being very useful for my future professional development.

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