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Luisa Römer

International Relations and Management (BA), University of Applied Sciences (OTH) Regensburg, Germany

Period of internship: Aug 05 - Nov 07, 2013

During the three months of my internship I was part of the Security Program. My tasks were diversified and very interesting, sometimes challenging but overall they did not overstrain my abilities. Usually they were very specific and geographically focused, but always belonging to topics related to security and crime issues. My supervisors cared a lot and I never felt abandoned with a task.

One of my first tasks focused on corruption in the health care sector in China and consisted of finding academic literature, media reports and current data from the past few years in order to outline the Chinese situation in the health care sector. In this respect, I was not only preparing a list of bibliography references, but I also had to summarize the essential paragraphs and I highlighted the most important facts including statistical data. My focus was on pharmaceutical corruption, medical equipment corruption and bribery like informal payments within the client and doctor relation.

As part of a contribution to the CSD’s National Crime Survey, I collected data about Bulgarian suspects in Germany. I compared the number of total suspects per year with the number of all Non-German suspects and Bulgarian suspects and highlighted the crime areas where Bulgarians were most likely to be engaged in and the specific crimes where Bulgarians have mostly been convicted for. By means of the German Police Crime Statistics I outlined the situation of the past few years and summarized developments. It was very interesting to find out, that the number of Bulgarian suspects more than doubled comparing 2000 with 2013 and that Bulgarians in general were mostly engaged in violation, of drug related offences and street crime like pickpocketing.

Another task focused on undeclared work in Germany and I had to write a report about marginal part-time jobs (Minijobs) and their impact as a policy measure on undeclared work. I summarized the background of the policy measure, explained the objectives, actors and target groups and described the legislative principles of the measure. I analyzed if and how the regulation achieved its objectives and described in detail problems and obstacles for employees, employers, womеn, foreigners and the state itself. I concluded with some thoughts, ideas and recommendations in a personal commentary and summarized the current situation including numbers of employers, employees, costs and benefits.

Overall I really enjoyed my time as an intern working for the CSD. I used many skills that I have learned in university and had the possibility to improve them, especially in the area of researching, literature sourcing and data collection. I developed an interest in crime and security issues in general and crime prevention and counterterrorism in particular. I would like to consider this interest for my prospective Master degree and later on for regular employment. I enjoyed the friendly, helpful and kind of family-like atmosphere at the CSD and the principle of going out together for lunch. I always felt highly welcomed and that they are honoring the way and outcome of my work. All in all, I take along some very good experiences and benefits for my future life and shall keep some very nice memories.

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