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Davide Daidone

University of Palermo, M.A. in Political Science - International Relations and European Studies

Period of internship: Oct 07, 2013 - Jan 10, 2014

My name is Davide Daidone, i come from Italy. It's my first work experience in Bulgaria and i can absolutely say that it was amazing under all points of view. My personal experience at CSD has been very positive. First of all, I met a very good staff and at the same time helpful and polite people. I have done my internship in the Security Program under the supervision of Philip Gounev. Mainly I have done researching about Document Fraud, Illegal Immigration from Third Countries and the role of moneylenders in Romania and Bulgaria and their role within the Casinò. I have done my studies in Political Science and international relationships at the University of Palermo and the first day that I arrived at the CSD I discovered with pleasure that CSD has many projects with my own former university, regarding the confiscated goods to mafia. I have always worked in a great environment and I could use all the means for a proper search. This experience at CSD Bulgaria will be very helpful for my professional and personal growth and in particular, having worked for the Security Program will give me a great chance to win the competition at the Ministry of Interior in Italy. I would like to thank all one by one, from the ladies ofthe kitchen, always kind and helpful, even if they do not speak English, to the Director of CSD. In the end, I would recommend the CSD Bulgaria to all those who are interested to conduct research on Economic, Security, Law or Sociological Program.

For any advice you can send an email to daidonedavide(at)gmail(dot)com.

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