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Viktoriya Tsirkova

European Studies, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Period of internship: Oct 01 - Dec 30, 2014

I truly enjoyed the time I spent as an intern at the Sociological Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy. During the internship I was assigned work related to the ASSESS project, which monitors and assesses the effectiveness of the integration measures across 10 EU Member States. The assignments I was given were practical, such as processing and summarizing different data sources, conducting interviews and research on best practices of integration in Bulgaria. The tasks were closely related to my area of interest and gave me excellent opportunity, knowledge and confidence to apply for positions in Brussels.

For me it was great to take part in the staff meeting every Monday, making me feel as part of the team. Each one of the experts working in the program was really helpful and approachable, cutting off the distance between them and the interns. The overall atmosphere in the Centre was dynamic and friendly. I had the chance to meet great people among the other interns coming from all over Europe, and to exchange some useful information for further projects.

I’d like to thank the whole sociological team for this pleasant experience!

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