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Nicolina Isaia

MSc Clinical Criminology, University of Leicester, UK
LLB Law, University of Leicester, UK

Period of internship: Nov 30, 2015 - Mar 04, 2016

I undertook a challenging and very fulfilling three month internship with the Law Program at CSD. My main tasks were researching, making summaries and reviews on contemporary topics which were relevant to my interests. I had the opportunity to assist with research on radicalisation and terrorism, migrant integration, rights of victims of cybercrime and other very fascinating areas. I was also able to attend conferences organised by CSD, or in collaboration with the Center, where other European and international organisations took part. It was a pleasure working with people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds that were always willing to help and give me guidance. This internship is a very good start for my future career and will be the stepping stone for my further development as a young professional, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

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