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Elena Radeva

BA in Arab Studies from Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski"

Period of internship: Oct 20, 2011 - Feb 23, 2012

I would describe my internship at the Center for the Study of Democracy as the most beneficial work I have ever experienced. Except for developing a lot of practical skills such as analyzing, processing, and summarizing qualitative and quantitative data, and executing interviews, it expanded my interest scope into a new direction for me – namely, human rights. I assisted in the work stream of the following projects: European Police and Human Rights Project, ARECHIVIC Project (Assisting and reintegrating children victims of trafficking: promotion and evaluation of best practices in source and destination countries) and INTEGRACE Project (Integrating Refugee and Asylum-seeking Children in the Educational System of EU Member States: Evaluation and Promotion of Current Best Practices).

In addition to the valuable skills and knowledge I gained during my stay at CSD, I was given the opportunity to work with remarkable experts in the field, whom today I also consider as friends, and to experience a dynamic, positive, and friendly working environment. Last but not least, my internship at the Center and the support of the team played a crucial role for my enrollment at Columbia University in New York for a Master of Arts Degree. In all, my internship exceeded acquiring professional experience, it made me reappraise my studies and field of interest from a completely different humanitarian point of view.

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