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Christina Georgieva

A degree in International Relations and Political Science, University of Birmingham

Period of internship: Oct 10 - Dec 23, 2010

I did my internship at CSD Sociological Program in and was mainly involved in the INTEGRACE project. Then I got hired as a full-time Program Assistant. During the internship period I took part in organizing an INTEGRACE conference, creating organizational tables and in the management of the project. I worked for CSD until August 2011 when I moved on to the Central-European University in Budapest to pursue a master’s degree in Economic Policies. I still keep in touch with CSD and do certain tasks for the Sociological Program.

As a young professional I highly appreciate the experience I gained at CSD. I am glad that my age (21 at the time) was not an obstacle for me to be entrusted with serious responsibilities and respect. I think that my positive impressions are largely due to the interesting projects and the expertise of my colleagues but also to the overall office environment which turned to be stimulating and encouraging. I would highly recommend the CSD internship program to anyone pursuing true practical experience rather than acquaintance with the copy machine.

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