Source: MIA (Macedonian Information Agency)Macedonian Defence Minister Vlado Buckovski Friday (5 September) is to participate at the regional international conference entitled 'Shaping a Common Security Agenda for Southeastern Europe -- New Approaches and Shared Responsibilities,' which takes place in Sofia. The conference is organized by the Centre for the Study of Democracy in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Macedonian Defence Minister had a meeting Thursday with his Croatian and Albanian counterparts Zeljka Antunovic and Pandeli Majko, focused on current political and security situation in the region and the memorandum of understanding of the defence ministers of signatory countries of the Adriatic Charter, which is to be adopted on September 12 in Tirana. The memorandum is focused on consultations regarding armament, the security and defence policy, the cooperation in military-technical sphere, education, and peacekeeping operations. The Adriatic Charter signatories are determined to strengthen border security and information exchange in order to reduce threats of terrorism, organized crime and trafficking in arms, drugs and humans.