{"title": "Energy Sector in Bulgaria with High Public Corruption Risk","content": "
The energy sector in Bulgaria is pointed out as having one of the highest public corruption risks, says a report of Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD).The corruption situation in the sector prospers because of the lack of proper supervision during and after the public procurement procedures, informed from the Dnevnik daily.National Electric Company (NEK), ‘Maritsa Iztok' mining company, NPP Kozloduy and thermal power plant ‘Maritsa Iztok 2' handed out procurement contracts on the total amount of 8.5 billion BGN (4,7 billion EUR) in the period 2004-2006.21% of the contacts were awarded after a procedure pursuant; more than 50% were negotiated directly with the supplier and less than 1% of the contracts were performed on the commodity exchange.The CSD experts recommend a rethink of the contracting of advisory services in the energy sector.