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Former sportsmen, Interior government officials and criminals are in the basis of organized crime frognews.bgFormer sportsmen, Interior government officials and criminals are in the basis of the organized crime in Bulgaria. In the cause of all our troubles are also some ex- business executives and communistic party’s activists, as well as erstwhile officers from the secret services. It is they who redistribute the state funds, using politicians. BGN 150 - 200 million have been invested in the vote buying during the last Municipal elections. The shocking numbers are taken out of a research on the Bulgarian organized crime, carried out by the Centre of Research on Democracy. “Municipal elections have proven that the business circles have extremely strong influence over the local authorities”, the German ambassador Mr. Michael Gayer stated with regard to the results. He also added that obviously Bulgaria did not take the necessary measures against organized crime’s high level and corruption. Some time earlier, in an interview for Frognews.bg, the German ambassador stated that such “shopping” during elections does not meet European standards, and Ahmed Dogan’s statement that “this is European tradition” provoked negative reactions in Germany. Mr. Michael Gayer added that the access the Schengen zone is likely to arise new discussions in Europe. All with regard to the way Bulgaria is dealing with (or trying to deal with) the organized crime. According to a research, presented by Tihomir Bezlov, Bulgarian organized crime is rooted in the same way as the one in Russia. Both countries “enjoyed” three main sources of organized crime: former sportsmen, ex- officers of the Ministry of Interior and criminal convicts. The groups of power, such as VIS and SIC became influential in a national plan. Amongst the sources of organized crime are the so-called oligarchs, who are not only former industrial and party leaders, but also officers of the State Security Services. They were the ones to distribute the state treasury with the assistance of politicians.