{"title": "TABLE: The billions Bulgaria needs","content": "
Bulgaria, the poorest European Union member, is losing billions of euros to corruption and organized crime each year, while its dilapidated communist-era infrastructure needs billions to be modernized.Following are government and non-government organizations'' estimates of the money lost and necessary investments:FUNDS NEEDED TO BUILD OR UPGRADE:Roads Railways Water networks(bln euros) * 3.7 3.3 9.5FUNDS LOST TO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY LINKED TO:Grey economy Public procurements Land swaps Human trafficking(bln. euros annually) ** 5.1 0.8 1.5 1.8NOTES:* Data from The National Road Infrastructure Agency (www.napi.government.bg); The Transport Ministry (www.mt.government.bg); The Construction Ministry (www.mrrb.government.bg)** Data from the independent anti-graft Center for the Study of Democracy (www.csd.bg), which gets funding from the United States and the EU.Author: Irina Ivanova