{"title": "1 in 4 Bulgarians Involved in Corruption Practices in 2009","content": "
Corruption levels and the corruption perception index in Bulgaria have remained stable in the last four years, a Center for the Study of Democracy poll reveals.The annual poll is conducted for the 12th year in a row by the Center in cooperation with “Vitosha Research.”The results reveal a certain reduction in corruption pressure on the part of the administration on citizens and the business. Both groups of respondents say corruption is going down while among the business this trend is the strongest in the last 10 years.The corruption level, however, remains extremely high with one of every four Bulgarians paying a bribe in exchange for a favor all through 2009. Corruption is so deeply embedded in society that is considered a normal occurrence.The main challenge for the anti-corruption efforts is the impunity of corruption and organized crime in the high echelons of power, the Center for the Study of Democracy experts point out.