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How to Clean Up Bulgaria

May 2010

Bulgaria steps up its crackdown on government corruption

Christian Science Monitor, Apr 2010

Fighting graft no simple task

Mar 2010

Expert: Bulgaria Threatened by 'Big Criminal Business'

Sofia News Agency, Jan 2010

Bulgaria Consumers Don't Support Renewable Energy Sources - Poll

Sofia News Agency, Jan 2010

1 in 4 Bulgarians Involved in Corruption Practices in 2009

Sofia News Agency, Jan 2010

Gunmen kill investigative journalist

Financial Times, Jan 2010

Sofia moves to curb corruption

Financial Times, Sep 2009

Expert: Bulgaria Loses BGN 3 B Annually from Economic Crimes

Sofia News Agency, Aug 2009

Bulgaria sacks coal execs for suspected embezzlement

Reuters, Jul 2009

Bulgarian premier promises to fight corruption

Financial Times, Jul 2009

A bag of sugar for your vote?

Jul 2009

Europe's Poorest Country Heads for the Polls

Jul 2009

TABLE: The billions Bulgaria needs

Reuters, Jun 2009

Weary Bulgarians hope ex-bodyguard can clear graft

Reuters, Jun 2009

FACTBOX-Seven scandals from Bulgaria

Reuters, Jun 2009

Todor Yalamov on whether the Conflict of Interests Act is applied

Focus Agency, Jun 2009

Frustration at slow progress in EU

Financial Times, Jun 2009

Crisis triples crime rates in Bulgaria: study

Focus Agency, May 2009

Bulgaria is turning into a black hole for some Irish investors

Irish_Times, May 2009

Bulgarian think tank calls for R&D strategy as a way out of economic crisis

May 2009

Economic crisis boosts crime in Bulgaria

Reuters, May 2009

Eastern Europe Protests, but Not Against the Bankers

Newsweek, Feb 2009

Report highlights lack of political will to fight corruption in Bulgaria

Feb 2009

Bulgarien: Oligarchen auf dem Vormarsch

Die Presse, Feb 2009

New study details corruption in Bulgaria, Jan 2009


Reuters, Jan 2009


Agence France-Presse, Jan 2009

Voices against corruption labor in Bulgaria despite dangers

International Herald Tribune, Nov 2008

Mob Muscles Its Way Into Politics in Bulgaria

New York Times, Oct 2008

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