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Dr. Todor Galev

Director of Research


PhD in Sociology, Institute of sociology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

MA in Sociology, Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski"


Todor Galev works in two main areas: socio-economic and sociological studies and analyses of innovation policy in Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union and policies for security sector reforms. In these areas, he deals with topics such as innovations in private and public sectors, science-industry relations, academic entrepreneurship, innovative development within ICT sector, military-civil cooperation in innovation processes in high-tech branches, ICT use and penetration as innovation driver in the economic and social spheres and public trust in justice system. 

Todor is experienced in using research methods for integrated analysis of sociological surveys’ results and large statistical databases. After joining the Center for the Study of Democracy in 2009, he has worked on projects, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme and GD Research and Innovations at the European Commission, World Bank, Bulgarian ministries and other national and international organizations. Todor has participated in the preparation of the annual report, which is published by the Applied Research and Communications Fund and presents an overall evaluation of the national innovation system and the innovation performance of the Bulgarian economy; in the preparation of national report for 2011 on Monitoring European trends in Social Sciences and Humanities /METRIS/ - a service launched by the European Commission and DG-Research and Innovation; as well as in consultancy activities on public policies in the fields of innovation and ICT.

Before joining CSD, Todor defended his PhD in Sociology at the Technology Studies Group, Institute of Sociology – BAS, where he is working since 2007 as research fellow with academic specialization is in the field of sociology of innovation and science technology studies. At the academy, Todor participated in several research projects within FP5, FP6 and FP7 of the European Commission, research grant programs of Sofia University, Ministry of Education and Science, etc. His professional background included also teaching of lectures and seminars in the field of science technology studies, at the Sofia University and Plovdiv University. As a trainer in the European Science Communication Network (ESConet), Todor deals also with the issue of using social scientists’ expert knowledge in policy decision making. Since 2004 Todor is a member of the Bulgarian Sociological Association and since 2006 he is member of its Executive Board.

Research Focus

Innovation Policy and Technological Development, Innovations and ICT, Competitiveness, Public Trust in Justice System.

Selected publications

  • Galev, T. Spin-off in a hostile environment: cooperation patterns between science and industry in the ICT sector in Bulgaria. 2011. In: Sociological Problems Quarterly, vol. 1-2, pp. 111-137, ISSN 0324-1572 (in Bulgarian);
  • Crime and Punishment. Studying Justice Systems for Shaping Criminal Policy. 2011. Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia, ISBN 978-954-477-179-9. (co-author);
  • Mако, Cs., Miklós, Ill., Peter, Cs., Kirov, V. and Galev, T. 2011. Changes in Work from the Global Value Change Perspective. The Case of Transformation Economies: Bulgaria and Hungary. In: Vezetéstudomány, issue XLII, vol. 6, pp. 2-12, ISSN 0133-0179;
  • 2011. Innovation Policy and Sectoral Competitiveness. ARC Fund, Sofia, ISSN 1313-1052 (co-author);
  • 2010. Bulgarian Innovation Policy : Options for the Next Decade, ARC Fund, Sofia, ISSN 1313-1052  (co-author);
  • Broadband Internet Access: Toward Country-Specific Policies. ARC Fund Policy Brief, July 2010;
  • Public Trust in the Criminal Justice System – an Instrument for Penal Policy Assessment, CSD Brief No 29, May 2011 (co-author);
  • Galev, T. and Kirov, V. 2009. Flexibility and its multidimensional character. In: Makó, C. (ed) Changes in work in transformation economies. The case of the New Member States. Leuven: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Higher institute of labour studies, 2009, pp. 45-59, ISBN 978-90-8836-016-9;
  • Galev, T. and Kirov, V. 2009. Career trajectories and work-life balance (quality of working life). In: Makó, C. (ed) Changes in work in transformation economies. The case of the New Member States. Leuven: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Higher institute of labour studies, 2009, pp. 47-80, ISBN 978-90-8836-016-9;
  • Galev T. 2007. The Law Between the Business and the Legislator: Actors and Strategies in the Fabricating of a Technology Policy in Post-Socialist Bulgaria (1989 - 2004). In: Tchalakov Iv. and H. Rohraher (eds.) Governing Sociotechnical Change in South-Eastern Europe. Contributions from a Science and Technology Studies Perspective, IZTOK-ZAPAD Publishing House, Sofia, pp. 202-212;
  • Galev, T. 2005. Relationships between Military and Civilian Technology in the Innovation Processes During Socialism, in: Sociological Problems Quarterly, vol. 1-2, pp. 262-290, ISSN 0324-1572 (in Bulgarian).


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