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Rosalina Todorova

Sociological Program


MPhil in Sociology (The Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion), University of Cambridge, UK

BA in Sociology, Sofia University, Bulgaria

BA in Journalism, Sofia University, Bulgaria


Rosalina Todorova works on projects related to ethnic minorities, radicalization, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, integration of migrants, and public discourse analysis, implemented by the CSD Sociological Program. Her areas of interest include inequality, marginalization, post-socialist strategies and trends of societal development, and ideologies of nationalism. Before joining CSD, Rosalina worked on academic research projects, focusing on areas such as the ethnography of the small town in post-socialist contexts, archival research of homelessness and co-operative practices in the interwar period, the mapping of rural shrinkage tendencies, and the lived experiences of demographic crises.


English, Deutsch

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