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Dr. Radostina Primova

Senior Analyst
Economic Program


PhD in Political Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB Brussels).


Dr. Radostina Primova is a Senior Analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia where she focuses on energy transition, energy security and international climate policies, as well as the external dimensions of EU trade and mobility policies.

Prior to this, she was the Head of the Energy and Climate Programme of the Brussels office of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation European Union, where she was directing the project activities on climate, energy and agricultural polices and providing advice for European and international delegations on these topics.  Dr. Primova has been leading key projects of the Foundation, including the Energy Atlas, the Atlas of Environmental Migration, the Energy Transition Blog, From Paris to Sustainable Development (promoting the role of human rights and gender in EU external climate actions) and the role of subnational climate leadership.

She was also the responsible editor for the European perspectives on, the foundation’s signature website around all questions concerning the politics of energy transition. Dr. Primova has been coordinating the Foundation’s network [email protected], a joint project between the offices in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Prague, Thessaloniki and Warsaw.

In addition, she has gained professional experience as a consultant and researcher in a number of other institutions, such as Hinicio, the Institute for European Studies (IES) in Brussels, the Department for Federal and European Affairs in the Bremen Senate, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Berlin), and the Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies (CEuS) in Bremen.

Dr. Primova has also also taken part in the UNFCCC climate negotiations as an observer since 2015 and has monitired the role of EU climate diplomacy.

Research focus

Energy transition, energy security, international climate cooperation, sustainable mobility, circular economy


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