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Dr. Gergana Tzvetkova

Sociological Program


Ph.D. in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
M.A. in Democracy and Human Rights in South-East Europe, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and University of Bologna, Italy
B.A. in Political Science-International Relations, American University in Bulgaria
B.A. in History, American University in Bulgaria


Gergana Tzvetkova works on projects related to ethno-religious minorities, radicalization and social inclusion of vulnerable groups, implemented by the CSD Sociological Program. Her areas of interest include human rights, foreign policy, global governance, transitional justice. Before joining CSD, Gergana chaired the Research Committee on International Relations Theory at the International Association for Political Science Students and was the Associate Manager of the World Stroke Organization. She has past experience in communication and public relations, in the NGO sector as a Program Coordinator of the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria) and as a Senior Editor of the scientific journal Politikon.  

Selected Publications

Tzvetkova, G. 2018. Principled Pragmatism and US Foreign Policy Traditions: Philosophical and Policy Points of Contact. Diplomacy journal, Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria, issue 21 July 2018, ISSN 1313-6437.

Tzvetkova, G. 2017. The 2016 Global Strategy of the European Union through the Lens of Pragmatic Idealism. Political Analysis (New Bulgarian University), issue 3-2017, pp. 99-117. ISSN 2534-9902. Available at:

Tzvetkova, G. 2017. The European Union and the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia: A Case of Effective Multilateralism? Politikon, Vol. 32 (Special IAPSS Research Committees Issue), pp. 5-21. ISSN 2414-6633. Available at: <>.
Tzvetkova, G., 2017. The Implications of Principled Pragmatism for Human Rights Promotion. Peace Human Rights Governance, 1(1), pp. 67-86. ISSN Number 2532-3474, DOI 10.14658/pupj-phrg-2017-1-4. [pdf] Available at: <>.  

Tzvetkova, G. 2015. Resilience, a New Counter-Terrorism Measure: The Cases of the United States of America and the European Union. The ITPCM International Commentary, Issue “Recent challenges to the International Community: innovative ideas on how to deal with them”. XIII (39, July 2015), pp. 36-40, ISSN: 2239-7949.

Tzvetkova, G. 2012a. Apology – All is Relative. Stories of Acknowledgement, Hesitation and Denial after Communism. Studies in 20th Century European History, (1), pp. 105-124, ISSN: 2084-3518. [pdf] Available at: <>.

Tzvetkova, G. 2011. Never Again? History of Transitional Justice in Croatia. Master Theses Selected for Publishing, Academic Year 2010-2011, pp. 311-399. Sarajevo: CIPS.



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