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Dr. Alexander Stoyanov

Senior Fellow


PhD in Sociology, University of National and World Economy, Sofia



Alexander Stoyanov is CSD Director of Research (since 1993) and Director of Vitosha Research (since 2000). Since 1991 he has participated in the design and implementation of a number of social and market research projects in the fields of social and economic behavior, social justice, corruption and organized crime, crime victimization, supported by UNDP, the World Bank, USAID and the European Commission. The more important long term projects include the Corruption Monitoring System, National Crime Survey, Survey of the Grey Sector, Eurobarometer and Flash Eurobarometer Surveys in Bulgaria.

Selected Publications

Stoyanov, A., Stefanov, R., 2018. State capture: Kremlin’s influence amplifier, in: Shentov, O., Stefanov, R., Vladimirov, M. (Eds.), The Russian Economic Grip on Central and Eastern Europe. Routledge, Oxon and New York.

Stoyanov, A., 2018. Corruption, state capture and anti-corruption initiatives in post-communist countries, in: Meirotti, M., Masterson, G. (Eds.), State Capture in Africa. Old Threats, New Packaging. EISA, Johannesburg, pp. 167–182.

Stoyanov, A. Private Sector Corruption in Bulgaria. Sofia: Center for the Study of Democracy, 2018.

Anticorruption: Implementation and assessment of anticorruption policies and measures (MACPI), Sofia, Center for the Study of Democracy, 2017.

Stoyanov, A., A. Gerganov, A. Di Nicola, and F. Costantino. Monitoring Anti-Corruption in Europe. Bridging Policy Evaluation and Corruption Measurement. Sofia: Center for the Study of Democracy, 2015. 

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