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Youth Employment in the Stara Zagora Region

A one-day workshop on youth employment schemes was held in the City of Stara Zagora on 12 September, 2018. The workshop gathered around 40 youth employment stakeholders from Stara Zagora and the region in discussing the state of youth employment in the region and exploring possibilities for building partnerships to enhance youth employment.

The workshop raised topics such as the impacts of EU’s Youth Guarantee measures on Roma youth and other vulnerable youth groups in the region of Stara Zagora; the lack of motivation among youth to work in Bulgaria, and instead to seek professional realization abroad; the need for stronger partnership between businesses and public institutions (such as the Public Employment Service and education institutions) in promoting more youth employment; the need to design new approaches for motivation of youth employment.

The workshop was organized by World Without Borders in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Democracy in the framework of the initiative “Mind the Gap: Facilitating Access to and Take Up of Youth Guarantee Measures by Roma Youth in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.”

During the workshop “Youth Employment in the Stara Zagora Region”, 12 September 2018, Stara Zagora

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